NFL Schedule Week 11

Sunday Night – Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys

This will be a great NFC East matchup on Sunday Night Football. These division rivals will put on a good show no matter what their records are. What’s better is that this game features two of the game’s best young quarterbacks in Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz — it’s  going to be fun to watch them go head to head in a prime time setting during their sophomore season. It’s time to see who’s made the most progress since draft day.

Keys to the Game


You can fully expect Dallas to play it safe and pound the rock with Ezekiel Elliott, but the Eagles are going to have to find a way to disrupt that game plan. Letting Zeke run for 150 and 2 scores is a recipe for an Eagles loss. It might mean committing 8 men to the box from the very first snap and betting on your secondary to hold up against the pass — as dangerous as that can be when you’re facing Dez Bryant on the outside. Philly is going to need to come up with a big play or two to shake things up and turn the tide in their favor here.


The Cowboys would do well to stick to their normal game plan in this matchup and avoid doing anything too risky. This Philly defense has proven time and time again that they have a penchant for making big plays and turning those big plays into 6 points. That’s how you lose football games. Dallas should play a balanced game, driving down the field with a mix of Zeke Elliott and a “safe” passing game. It’s when you start forcing passes that the Eagles can strike and put you in a hole.